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Started in 1993, MESA International Technologies has provided calibration standards used in a wide variety of instrument applications in the refinery and petrochemical industries.

Initially, MESA served the international arena through a series of international partners. March 1, 2001, MESA announced distribution of their products and services in the United States.

Our Mission

-It is the business of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment to market and provide quality specialty gases, equipment and chemicals delivered direct, and/or through our worldwide distribution partners.

-It is the guiding principle that only the highest quality products will be offered to our customers.

-We emphasize that only excellent customer service will allow our profitable growth in this highly competitive industry.

Our Quality

Precise manufacturing of calibration mixtures involves many critical steps- consideration of chemical raw material purity as well as detailed impurity characterization; calculation of phase behavior for the calibration mixture; precise blending; and finally, independent confirming analysis of the final calibration mixture.

Before starting, mixes are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advance computer modeling.

Following this, the mixture is precisely blended to exacting specifications on high sensitivity gravimetric balances. All calibration weights are traceable to the US-NIST.

Finally, the product is analyzed using state-of-the-art analyzers to confirm that the blended and analyzed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications.

Our Products

BTU Measurement Standards
Environmental Gas Standards
Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Mixtures in Gas or Liquid Phase
Health & Safety Standards in Disposable Cylinders
SS Sampling Cylinders
Teldar Sampling Bags
Purification Traps
Piston Cylinders
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