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4 Reasons Why You Need A Confined Space Monitor Maintenance Program

As an employer, you’re required to equip your workers with monitors designed to detect harmful substances when you require workers to enter a confined space. This keeps your employees from being exposed to air pollutants, gases, and chemicals that could be a threat to your workers’ health.

But it isn’t enough to use confined space monitors. You also need to make sure you have a confined space monitor maintenance program in place for several reasons including:

    1. Making sure the monitor works. You can’t rely on a monitor’s self-bump test to ensure the safety of your employees. A confined space monitor maintenance program guarantees that your monitors accurately measure the presence of atmospheric hazards in the confined space.
    2. Immediately alerting your workers. If a monitor doesn’t go off until a significant amount of atmospheric hazards have built up in the confined space, your workers could suffer from serious injury. A confined space monitor maintenance program ensures your workers are alerted immediately to the presence of dangerous atmospheric hazards.
    3. Establishing the monitor’s clean-air reference. Your monitors need to have a clean-air reference point in the confined space to alert your workers when a hazardous substance is present. When you have a maintenance program set in place you can feel secure knowing your monitors have that reference point put in place.
    4. Making sure bump tests are performed. Once your monitors have a clean-air reference point, you can perform a bump test to ensure your monitors are working correctly. Without a maintenance program put in place, whether a bump test is actually performed on your monitors is up in the air. You need to be sure these bump tests are performed to remain compliant with OSHA regulations.

Where can I find calibration gas suppliers near me?

Up to 5.4 million American businesses are powered by natural gas every day. Disposable calibration gases give you the ability to make sure your gas detectors are working correctly so your workforce is safe and secure wherever they are.

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