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What’s The Difference Between Specialty Gas Manufacturers?

A total of 83% of natural gas comes from conventional reservoirs. Some of these gases are used to create products like nitrogen fertilizer. Others are used as calibration gases to test gas detector sensors so they can accurately detect air pollutants.

But if gas largely comes from the same place, what’s the difference between specialty gas suppliers?

Why isn’t every specialty gas manufacturer the same?

It’s true the majority of natural gas comes from conventional reservoirs. But specialty gases are manufactured based on different specifications according to different custom calibration gas standards.

Many specialty gas manufacturers create their mixtures based on the specification sheets they’ve received from their providers. They take the raw materials and adjust them accordingly.

Unfortunately, this method of specialty gas manufacturing can be inaccurate. The process can compromise the accuracy of the specialty gas. This impacts the critical components of the client’s analyzer.

When you’re looking for calibration gas suppliers, you want a manufacturer that routinely measures and validates the values of the specialty gas as it’s manufactured. For instance, MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment develops specialty gases by mixing them in a seven-step process.

By starting with high-quality raw materials and carefully analyzing each gas for impurities, the resulting custom calibration gas that’s manufactured will match specifications to the T.

How to calibration gas standards compare between manufacturers?

A critical part of the specialty gas manufacturing process is the careful analysis and comparison of calibration gas bottles and gas cylinder accessory standards. These standards need to be inter-compared with multiple standards to ensure their accuracy.

However, many specialty gas manufacturers don’t have internal standards. Because of this, they’re unable to compare standards and aren’t capable of optimizing their manufacturing process.

What does this mean for the specialty gas? Inaccurate standards often result in an inaccurately formulated specialty gas.

To keep this from happening, look for calibration gas suppliers that use both internal standards and third-party manufacturers that inter-compare their specialty gas mixtures to ensure they’ve been properly formulated. This ensures quality control and reliable manufacturing.

Where can I find calibration gas suppliers near me?

Whether you need custom calibration gases or calibration gas accessories, MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment are the calibration gas suppliers you’re looking for. To learn more about our gas calibration standards and specialty gas manufacturing processes, contact MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment today.


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