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How Are Custom Calibration Gases Made?

Custom calibration gases and calibration gas accessories are used in laboratories, universities, and in industrial analysis applications. It’s calibration gas that determines whether a gas detector will correctly detect a substance.

When you expose the gas detector to a known concentration of test substance like ammonia, which is the most commonly produced chemical in the world, you learn whether the detector’s sensors are accurately responding to the gas.

But sometimes standard calibration gases and calibration gas accessories aren’t enough. This is where custom calibration gases come in.

How is custom calibration gas manufactured?

Custom calibration gases are manufactured using sensitive instrumentation, volumetric tools, and gravimetric tools. When creating a calibration gas mixture, manufacturers need to take several critical steps. These steps include:

    1. Consideration of the purity of the chemical raw material
    2. Consideration of detailed impurity characterization
    3. Calculation of phase behavior for mixtures
    4. Precise blending
    5. Confirming analysis of the final custom gas mixture

Specialty gas mixtures are evaluated for potential phase problems before the manufacturer can begin creating the custom calibration gas. This is done using advanced computer modeling.

After the specialty gas mixture has been evaluated, it’s blended to exact specifications on gravimetric scales. Every calibration weight can be traced to the US-NIST.

The specialty gas is then analyzed to confirm whether the blended values match the product specifications. Once the values agree, the custom calibration gas has successfully been created.

Why choose MESA for custom calibration gases?

Manufacturing a custom calibration gas isn’t an easy process. You need to follow each step exactly and routinely measure and validate the values of the gas.

MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment takes custom calibration gases through seven stages in the manufacturing process to make sure the gas matches value specifications. Results are measured, recorded, and compared throughout the entire process from raw material analysis to the final mixture certification stage. Each specialty gas manufactured is tested to meet quality control requirements based on that individual mixture of gases.

Looking for calibration gas suppliers near you?

Whether your business uses portable gas detectors, confined space monitors, or fixed gas detectors, calibration gas is necessary to determine they’re in proper working order.

MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment has the calibration gases you need to detect air pollutants in your workplace. To learn more about our custom calibration gas standards and calibration gas accessories, contact MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment today.


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