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4 Myths About Calibrating Your Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are used to protect workers from unknown hazards. They’re crucial to the safety of one’s employees and the workplace itself. Serious accidents can happen when a detector is inaccurate because of an incorrect calibration.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion that surrounds how often a gas detector needs to be calibrated. To help clear up this confusion and to ensure your gas detectors are properly calibrated, consider the following myths.

    1. You only need to calibrate your gas detectors to make up for a sensor drift. Gas detectors a tricky. You don’t know what’s happened to the detector since the last time it was calibrated. It’s possible the detector has been around other chemicals or that buttons have been pressed that could give an incorrect reading. Unless you conduct a calibration yourself, you’ll be putting yourself and your employees at risk.
    2. You don’t need to calibrate the detector because the unit conducts a self-bump test. If the manufacturer of your gas detector says that it performs a self-bump test, it’s important to note that this bump test only verifies whether the sensor itself is responding to gas. If the sensor has touched any sort of compounds such as oil or gunk, the gas detector won’t be able to detect if there’s gas present.
    3. It’s okay to use a cheap calibration gas you found online. It’s not safe to use a calibration gas that’s from a supplier you don’t know. There’s a big chance the gas you’re buying from Chuck on Craigslist is expired and isn’t safe to use. You always want to check for expiration dates and manufacturing dates when you’re buying a calibration gas cylinder. To save yourself the risk of using an expired calibration gas, use a reputable supplier.
    4. You don’t need to do maintenance on a disposable detector. Even if your gas detector is disposable after a couple of years, you’re still required to conduct maintenance and a bump test on the detector.

Looking for a calibration gas supplier?

It’s no secret that calibration gases are necessary to ensure the safety of workers from unknown hazards. In fact, the global market demand for gas such as calibration gas is expected to increase by 2% every year.

If you’re looking for calibration gas suppliers, Calibration Gas has the calibration gas and disposable calibration gas bottles you need.

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