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4 Calibration Gas Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Gas detectors are vital for protecting employees, workers, and clients from unknown hazards such as carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. When a gas detector is inaccurate because of an incorrect calibration, there can be serious consequences.

Unfortunately, there are a few common mistakes that business safety managers make when it comes to calibrating their gas detectors. To help you avoid making these mistakes yourself, we’ve outlined some of the most common calibration mistakes:

  1. Not performing maintenance on a disposable detector. Some business safety managers feel they don’t need to conduct maintenance or perform a calibration on a disposable gas detector because they’re going to get rid of it within a few years. But it’s vital to the safety of the organization that you conduct maintenance and a bump test on every gas detector, even the ones that are disposable.
  2. Not calibrating a gas detector that performs a self-bump test. Similar to the point above, you might not feel the need to conduct a calibration on a gas detector that already performs a self-bump test. But a self-bump test only verifies whether or not the gas detector’s sensor is responding to gas. There could be a chance that the detector’s sensor has been touched by compounds such as oil or another type of gunk. This would make the detector unable to determine if there’s a gas present. That said, don’t rely solely on your gas detector’s self-bump test. Instead, perform maintenance and calibrate the detector as you would any other detector.
  3. Only calibrating a gas detector to make up for a sensor drift. A lot can happen between the periods of time when a gas detector is calibrated. The detector may have been around other chemicals, the buttons on the detector may have been pressed, or gunk may have gotten into the sensor. It’s important that you’re not just calibrating gas detectors to make up for sensor drifts but also to make sure that the detectors are working correctly and efficiently.

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Calibration gas is crucial for testing your gas detectors. More than 150 people in the U.S. die annually from carbon monoxide poisoning that’s associated with consumer products like generators.

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