How Do I Know If My Meter Sensor Needs To Be Repaired?

portable calibration gasesWhen it comes to gas detection, your meter sensor has an extremely important job. But in order for your meter sensor to properly and effectively detect a gas leak, it needs to be working correctly.

Unfortunately, unless a bump test is conducted every time you use your meter sensor, there could be a chance that you’ve been using a broken meter. So how do you know when your meter needs to be repaired or replaced?

Consider the following signs that your gas meter needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Your meter pump can’t be triggered

One way you can tell if your meter needs to be repaired or replaced is by testing your meter pump. Your meter pump needs to be strong enough for you to pull an accurate read. If the meter pump is too weak, it won’t let you pull a proper read.

To test your meter pump, carefully place your finger over the inlet. This will trigger the pump stall. If your pump stall isn’t successfully triggered, this means you’ll need to make a meter replacement or repair before you can use your meter again. The last thing you want is to use a meter that doesn’t give you a correct read because it doesn’t guarantee your employees are safe.

You’ve been using your meter without a filter

Experts recommend that you use your meter with the recommended filter that came from the meter’s manufacturer. The meter filter is what helps to protect your meter’s internals from being impacted by foreign liquids and debris.

If you’re not using a filter on your meter at all, this can be a huge problem. Without a filter, your meter’s performance is affected by those liquids and that debris, which means it’ll either need to be replaced or repaired.

Looking for portable calibration gases?

Natural gas is an important power supply that’s far cleaner than coal. In fact, natural gas emits 52% to 56% less GHG than coal to create the same amount of energy. This is because natural gas has a higher efficiency combined cycle generation.

However, whether you’re using natural gas for power or not, it’s important that you’re regularly calibrating and performing bump tests on your workplace’s gas detectors.

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