Gas Cylinder Specifications

Gas Cylinder Specifications

Non-refillable steel and aluminum mixtures have vastly different gas cylinder specifications. Understanding the differences will allow your company to select the calibration cylinder that best fits your requirements and safety precautions. Contact us if you have any questions about the gas cylinder specifications for our non-refillable steel and aluminum mixtures.

Non-refillable Steel calibration gas cylinder

These smaller-sized, lightweight cylinders require no deposit or monthly rental charge. They are easier to handle, less expensive to ship, and use very little space. The also eliminate over-purchasing when only small quantities are necessary. These steel cylinders are recommended for non-reactive gas mixtures and pure gases such as argon, helium and nitrogen. They combine a convenient, portable size with a wide range of capacities to handle any field calibration requirement.

Steel Calibration Gas Cylinder

17 Liter Cylinder
20 Liter Cylinder
34 Liter Cylinder
103 Liter Cylinder
221 Liter Cylinder
550 Liter Cylinder


Non-refillable aluminum calibration gas cylinder

These compact, lightweight aluminum cylinders are recommended for gas mixtures that are not stable in steel cylinders. Typical components blended in these packages include ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. They are also available in capacities from 11 liters (0.4 cu. ft.) to 104 liters (3.7 cu. ft.) and are conveniently transported in a carrying case or bag. They are non-refillable, except for the 104L-a, which is a refillable package.

34 Liter Aluminum Cylinder
48 Liter Aluminum Cylinder
58 Liter Aluminum Cylinder
58 Liter Chlorine Cylinder
76 Liter Aluminum Cylinder

Aluminum Calibration Gas Cylinder


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