Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide in Air 103L
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Price: $50.00
Product ID : 1016
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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17L- $50.00/ea [17 liters of calibration gas]
34L- $62.00/ea [34 liters of calibration gas]
103L-$145.00/ea [103 liters of calibration gas]
221L- $181.00/ea [221 liters of calibration gas]
550L- $285.00/ea [550 liters of calibration gas]

Carbon Monoxide calibration gas is available for 10 PPM to 5000 PPM.  Carbon Monoxide concentrations are filled in Nitrogen or Air in 17L, 34L, 103L, 221L, and 550L steel calibration gas cylinders. Several Carbon Monoxide calibration gas concentrations are available for immediate shipment. MESA offers 50 PPM Carbon Monoxide in N2, 100 PPM Carbon Monoxide in N2 or Air, 200 PPM in Air and 500 PPM in Air- All for immediate shipping in the 103L disposable gas cylinder.  Please call us if you have a need to ship immediately. For higher concentrations of Carbon Monoxide, MESA offers a full line of refillable specialty gas cylinders with enhanced safety options. Please contact us for a quote or for more details. 

Don't forget your regulator

Click the following links to order the appropriate regulator for your application.  Carbon Monoxide calibration gas can accomidate a variety of specialty gas regulators.  Please select from the regulator options below.  Please contact us if you need assistance selecting the appropriate regulator for your specialty gas application.


400 Series Fixed Flow Regulator for the 17L & 34L Cylinders

500 Series Fixed Flow Regulator for the A29L, A58L, A76L & 103L Cylinders

600 Series Multi-Flow Regulator for the A29L, A58L, A76L & 103L Cylinder

800 Series Demand Flow Regulator for the A29L, A58L, A76L & 103L Cylinder

300 Series Pressure Regulator for the 221L Cylinder

100 Series Specialty Gas Regulator for the 103L Cylinder, select the C-10 valve option

Product Numbers for Other Manufacturers

Norlab: J101610PA, J1016100PA, J10161000PN, J1016100PN, J1016200PA, J1016250PA, J1016300PA, J101635PA, J101650PN, H1016100PA, H101620PA, H101650PA, P101610PA, P1016100PA, P101620PA, P1016200PA, P1016200PN, P101650PA, P101650PN

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