Lab Grade Quality

MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment manufactures an extensive range of custom calibration gas standards for use in research and development, university and laboratory applications. Our products were originally developed for laboratory applications and use. Laboratory applications require the highest level of analytical accuracy and blend tolerances. Out of our laboratory applications, we developed our disposable calibration gas product line. Because of this attention to quality, many labs are able to use our disposable calibration gas standards for their own internal calibrations allowing a smaller portable cylinder to meet their rigorous calibration requirements.

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of our products, our custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using the same state of the art instrumentation and software as our lab calibration gas standards. Our in-house chemists, analysts and lab staff have developed expertise in the blending and analysis of custom specialty gases. Over the years, MESA's own proprietary processes have ensured the highest caliber products for our customers - customers that include some of the most stringent regulatory auditors/agencies, as well as several renowned research and development laboratories. With over twenty years of experience in calibration gas manufacturing, MESA has earned the confidence of customers around the globe when it comes to high quality calibration gas standards.