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MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment is a global provider of calibration gas standards used in a wide variety of applications. MESA provides calibration gas standards across a broad field to many market segments including; laboratory, university, petrochemical, research, energy, computer science and process management, to name a few.

Small portable and disposable calibration gas cylinders offer a cost-effective alternative for low calibration gas volume applications such as those found in Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety and laboratory instrument gas calibration. In order to guarantee the accuracy of these mixtures, MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment follows the same NIST traceable proprietary techniques to manufacture the small portable calibration gas cylinders as we use for manufacturing the larger refillable calibration gas cylinders used in laboratory gas chromatography and other highly sensitive applications.

Don't forget your calibration gas regulator. Specific regulators are used to ensure you receive the required flow of calibration gas for your particular application. MESA also offers the only high quality calibration gas pressure regulator for use with the disposable calibration gas product line.

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